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Berg Larsen Mouthpieces are exclusively available in Canada from The Bandstand Ltd

Berg Larsen Saxophone Mouthpieces are used by some of The Worlds top professional saxophonists. As well as using a variety of materials in the construction of our mouthpieces, we have a comprehensive range of tip openings, so we can be sure that there is a mouthpiece for EVERYONE.

 Berg Larsen

Berg originally made his name as a professional musician and whilst not working, he could be found making reeds in Archer Street London.

In 1945, he designed and manufactured a range of ebonite mouthpieces for clarinet and saxophone which later evolved into a range made out of stainless steel for an increased lifespan.

Although Berg died in 1972, his name lives on and today, we can offer a wide variety of mouthpieces in various different materials and styles whilst still employing the same traditional manufacturing methods.

We have re-introduced The Duck Bill by Popular Demand. The original was very popular with the Rock 'n' Roll players of the time and this mouthpiece is perfect for today's modern players.

Duck Bill

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Some models may need to be custom ordered. Call or E-Mail The Bandstand Ltd. for details.